Sweet Elegance

This ultra-feminine, Swiss dot and rose cake was the perfect cap to an elegant First Communion celebration held at the Bedford Village Inn in Bedford, NH. Understated and innocent, this classic design, adorn with delicate pink and lavender roses, perfectly captured the tone of this event.

Classic Beauty with a Little Decadence

This classical design holds a wondrous surprise inside! Created by combining design elements from several cake photos from the customer, this ice blue cake is both innocent and elegant on the outside with its white icing, rosary detail and fondant chalice. However the cake's interior was composed of red velvet cake filled with bright, orange buttercream to honor the young boy's wishes for something a little more exciting!

A Blessed Event, With a Secret Surprise

Sometimes you CAN please everyone! For his First Communion celebration, this boy wanted a Darth Vader cake, but his mother was concerned that his grandmothers might not approve of the Dark Side theme on a holy day. We created this classic first communion cake, complete with handmade fondant decorations including a small Darth Vader head added to the very back of the cake where it could only be seen by a lucky few!