A Tower of Wedding Bliss

This unique take on the traditional wedding cake brought together the grooms love of chocolate and the bride's wish for a white wedding cake. We created a tower of chic cupcakes that made serving and packaging cake for the guests a breeze. Individual cakes were topped with swirls of white frosting topped with black and hot pink candies to match the wedding's color scheme. We topped the tower with an elegant cutting cake covered in smooth, white fondant topped with black roses and filled with, you guessed it, the groom's favorite chocolate filling.

Rock n' Roll Wedding Bells

This couple wanted to add a little rock 'n' roll to their wedding reception and we obliged with a drum-themed cake. Adorn with silver fondant details, white fondant roses and a soft fondant drape across the middle tier marry the rock 'n' roll theme with classical wedding elements to make this cake both fun and romantic.

A Tarheel Bridal Celebration

Reminiscent of a beautifully wrapped present, this amaretto bridal shower cake was decorated in the bride and groom's college alma mater colors - North Carolina's own blue and silver. Silver and blue stripes add a masculine touch for the bridegroom while the silver and blue 'bubbles' add a softer, more feminine feature for the bride. A big, beautiful fondant bow adds a festive finish to the cake.